Duffy's Love Shack Menu

~ Little Bites ~

Popcorn Chicken Bites
Yummy bites served with wasabi rach on the side. $6.75

Jamaica Jerk Nachos
Piled high! $10.50
BBQ Pork or Jeck Chicken $12.00
Smith Bay Nuggets
If the chicken didn't make it across the
road that's what we're serving. With dipping sauce $7.50
Wings! Wings! Wings!
A dozen Krakatoa HOT, fiji sweet & tangy or BBQ
Coco Loco Shrimp
With pineapple jalapeno
marmalade dip. $10
Pacific Rim Skewers
Coconut Thai chicken with
peanut sauce. $9.25
Corn Puppers
Our depp fried corn lush puppies! $7
Bahamian Conch Fritters
With two island dipping
sauce. $10
7 Layer Dip
BBQ pork, refired beans,
cheese, green, red, and black bean salsa, sour cream. $10.75
Lava Bowl of Guacamole
Cool & tasty. Served with
tostones & chips. $10

~ Other 'Tings ~

Grilled Chicken Quesadilla $10.75
Choice of plain, teriyaki, buffalo or jerk chicken

Kids Cheese Quesadilla $7

Burgers $11.75

Half pound premium beef.
Absolutely the best burger on St. Thomas.
Served with slaw and fries.
Maui ... teriyaki, swiss & pineapple
Windward ... guacamole & monterey jack
Blue Lagoon ... blue cheese & bacon
Sunset ... cheddar, bbq, caramelized onion
Jumbie ... mushrooms, swiss & onions

Cheeseburger in paradise
Onion rings! $4.75

18% Gratuity added to 6 or more

~ Love Tacos ~

Three overstuffed soft
tacos served with black
bean salsa and
Teriyaki Chicken
Jerk Chicken
Grilled Fish

~ Salads ~

Jerk Chicken Caesar
Served "island style". Topped with slices
of jerk chicken $11.75


Grilled Catch of the Day Taco Salad
Leafy greens & crunchy veggies
served in a tortilla basket topped
with grilled fish. $14.25


Wasabi Ahi Tuna
Sesame crusted tuna grilled rare. over a
bed of mandarin-balsamic dressed greens
with wasabi accents. $14.25


Mountaintop greens
Mixed greens topped with marinated hearts of
palms, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, and red
onions. With grilled chicken $12.25

Side Salad $4.75


we now accept master card and visa

~ The love shack's flaming pu-pu platters ~

Amazing grazing on two continents! Each pu-pu platter serves
up a table-top patio party with its own grilling hibachi!

Caribbean Pu-Pu
Pacific Rim Skewers,
Conch Fritters, Sweet platains.
Cocnut Shrimp, Puerto Rican
Piononos, Rum Soaked Pineapple

Polynesian Pu-Pu
Sweet & tangy fiji wings,
Asian Beef Skewers, Sweet
Plantains, Teriyaki75
Riblettes, Shrimp Gyoza's,
Rum Soaked Pineapple

~ Postcards from Paradise ~

Sandwiches served with carnival slaw,
island fries & plantains.


Ay Chihuahua Mexican Veggie Burger
Topped with monterey jack, fresh tomato salsa
and served with our jalapeno mayo. $11


Hula Hula Teriyaki Chicken
Marinated til juicy, served charcoal
grilled & topped with melted monterey jack
and grilled pineapple wedges. $11


32 Spice Jamaican Jerk Chicken
Flavorful, but not hot. Many island
influences make this our favorite. $11


Leroys Catch of the Day Sandwich
Charcoal grilled. Served with jalapeno
mayo & fresh lime $11.50

~ Big 'Tings ~

Served with our red beans and rice,
plantains & grilled pineapple.


Tamarind honey BBQ Ribs
Juicy baby backs glazed with our
tamarind BBQ sauce. $19.75


Cuban Style Chimichurri Steak
Grilled 8oz skirt steak served with
homemade chimichurri. $19.75


Macadamian fish Dinneri
Grilled, orange teriyaki glazed with
toasted macadamias & coconut. $20


Buffalo Style Wrap
Tomato wrap filled with buffalo
tenders, blue cheese dressing, romaine
black bean salsa & celery. $11


Southwest Chicken Sandwich
Filled chicken with monterey jack,
bacon, ranch & salsa. $11.50


Pulled Pork Sandwich
On a kaiser roll. $11


Jerk Caeser Wrap
Spinach wrap filled with Jeck
chicken & caesar salad. $11

~ But Wait! ~

Flaming s'mores platter $7.50

Fudgy brownie a la mode $7.50