Eternal Paradise

Help us preserve our natural resources and keep the Virgin Islands beautiful.

The VI Code prohibits the taking, catching, possessing, transporting or exporting of indigenous species. This prohibition also includes the removal of coral, sea shells, sand , and other native species, flora and fauna. Commercially caught legal size conch and whelk are the only shells that can be removed from the territory. Some of the items may also be considered prohibited based on TSA security protocol.


About Luggages

Secure your suitcase with a lock approved by TSA. Hopefully you didn't pack any hazardous material.
Liquids and gels grater than 3 ounces - such as duty free purchases (including alcohol, perfume and lotion) - purchased before entering the checkpoint, should be placed in checked baggage.


Airport Screening Changes

It is no longer required of passengers 12 or younger to remove their shoes during security screening. The same applies to passengers that are 75 or older.
Both these age groups can now keep their shoes, light jacket, or any other outer wear at the checkpoint during screening process.
Families which are traveling with relatives that are disabled or have medical conditions can call the TSA Cares helpline toll free at (855) 787-2227, 3 days (72 hours) prior to traveling with any questions about the checking process and screening policies when moving through the checkpoint.


Required Boarding Pass and ID

Each passenger should be ready to present their individual boarding pass and a valid federal or state issued government ID, such as a valid driver's license or passport with your name as it appears on your boarding pass.

These items will be required of you twice, the first time to a "custom and border protection officer" and the second time to TSA.


Virgin Islands (St Thomas) Liquid, Gel, and Aerosol 311 Rule

You can travel to the Virgin Islands with your liquids, gels, and aerosols if they are in a 3 once container, placed in a 1-quart-sizp zip-top bag or a clear plastic of your choosing. If you can pour it, pump it, squeeze it, spread it, smear it, spray it, or spill it, it is subject to these limits.

This rule also applies to tamarind and cherry stews because they are considered liquids and gels. Necessary liquids such as breast milk, baby formula, and insulin are permitted, but must be declared to a TSA officer at the checkpoint before sliding your bags through the x-ray scanner.

Brewers Bay Beach, St. Thomas - Virgin Islands
Brewers Bay is a beautiful beach. The waters there are almost always calm and crystal clear. Palm trees and sea grape trees are scattered along the shore. The beach is not developed, but it is located in walking distance from the University of the Virgin Islands campus.While on weekdays the bay is sparsely populated, on weekends it is a favorite with residents for family picnics and gatherings.

If you’re on time, you’re late!

Give yourself plenty of departure time to check your baggage and go through customs at the airport. There is something unique to traveling within the U.S Virgin Islands, especially St. Thomas. Due to its geographic location in the Caribbean, there are many international travelers entering and leaving the United States Virgin Islands. It is a melting pot of cultures and languages and a gateway into the United States. Travelers headed to Puerto Rico and continental United States must be cleared by officers of U.S Customs and Border Protection (CBP).


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